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Identity and Difference theoretical essay – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

Visual Artifact(pictures) from either London or Hong Kong would be alright. I can also provide photos for these 2 locations but it would be scenic, let me know, thanks.

Uni assignment requirements:
Assignment Title: Theoretical essay (containing a visual artefact)
(20 credits) 
Assignment Type: 
Weighting: Holistic This unit is assessed holistically and pass/fail (100% of the unit). Assessment will be against the specified marking criteria. 

Your Assignment 
1 x 1,500-word theoretical essay which contains a visual artefact. 

You will put to use the skills developed in the practical workshops to create a written/visual artefact that will be part of your essay. This will consist of a series of two or more still photographic images. These images must respond to, and intervene in, issues pertinent to the theories and debates about identity and representation we examine in the unit. As part of the essay, you will also individually produce a 1,500-word theoretical essay that explore how your photographic practice has been informed by the ideas discussed in the course. 
>Essay tasks will be distributed after the unit has begun. 
Students must use Harvard referencing in their essays and include an alphabetized list of references at the end of their work. Essays should be formatted using 1.5 or double spacing. 
You will follow the normal rules and practices of an academic essay, fully researched and argued and accompanied by clear and appropriate bibliography. 

Type of essay: 
Your essay must be critical and analytical, not merely descriptive. You must link different ideas and scholars to create a strong narrative and to make your case. You cannot include everything so use your judgment to include scholars and examples that support your position. 
A suggested outline for the theoretical essay is as follows: 

TopicI. Introductiona. Significance of the topic b. Thesis statementc. Argument / explanation 

II. Body Paragraph #1 
a. Argument #1b. Theory / example #1 c. Theory / example #2 d. Transition 

III. Body Paragraph #2 a. Argument #2b. Theory / example #1 c. Theory / example #2 
d. Transition 

IV. Conclusiona. Restate thesis (different words)b. Restate arguments (different words) c. Clincher (tie it all together) 

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