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Imagine that your aunt or uncle or some older relative or family friend is


Imagine that your aunt or uncle or some older relative or family friend is away for a few months, and they arrange for you to use their car while they’re gone. One day when you’re driving it, you have a collision with with another car. No one is hurt, but both cars are damaged. Police are called to the scene, insurance companies are notified, and the car is towed.As part of the insurance claim, the insurance company requires that you provide a detailed written description of the accident. This is really what happens when you’re in an accident – the insurance companies use this information to determine fault and thus financial responsibility for the accident as well as changes to future insurance rates. If the accident was not your fault, it’s in your interest to provide them with enough information to come to that conclusion. Meanwhile, in order to retrieve the car from the towing company, you need the approval of your relative/family friend, so unfortunately they too have to be notified of the accident. You can’t easily reach them by phone, so you decide the best thing to do is to write them an email and tell them what happened.  Write both of these documents and submit them as your portfolio assignment for this module. Include an explanation of how you tailored the two messages for these different audiences. Remember, the purpose of this exercise is not for you to write the way you would write an essay. The purpose is to differentiate your writing for these different audiences and purposes. How should you adapt your writing for the purposes of the insurance claim? How should you adapt it in order to inform your relative of what you did to their car?  Both documents plus the explanation must add up to a total of at least 750 words. You should write more if you feel it is beneficial to achieving your purpose. 


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