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Individual Project: Company Report – unicorp essays


Project: Company Report


1. your company and its 2
comparable companies should have financial statement & stock price
available for past 3 years, preferrably in Morningstar

2. Each one of you should choose a different company, as your main

3. please do NOT choose (1) Nike (2) Sample Report Companies (Marriott,
Hilton, InterContinental), (3) Disney, Netflix, Comcast, Viacom, (4)
Financial Companies as your main company


My Main Company
Name: Porsche   Morningstar Link:

Comparable Company
1 Name: Tesla     Morningstar Link:

Comparable Company
2 Name: Toyota   Morningstar Link:


Please download the file, and answer all
the questions in Final Report Questions File1. (see

Please make

Read the questions carefully and answer all the

Read through the sample report;

Watch my video (Nike Recording) on downloading data
& calculating ratios, and use the Nike Excel (see attached) file as a
template to start (you will need to put the ratio calculations of each
company in one sheet, and make it one Excel file);

Calculate all the ratios using the financial
statement and with formula of Lecture 3 PPT (see attached);

Please make sure you read and understand the  file. Follow
the APA style with single space.

Name your file as Report_LastName_FirstName.

Your file should be in Microsoft Word


Here is a sample
report for Marriott International submitted by an MBA student.

This is an A+
report. So you know the expectation.

Please note that
the sample report is to demonstrate how to approach each question.  You are not allowed to copy & paste
content of the report.

Please also note
that some questions of the Sample Report may be different from the questions
you get, so please read the “Sample Report Questions” carefully.

 Final Report Sample Report (see attached)


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