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Institutions’ status-roles – unicorp essays


16Jan 2022 by

In this Assignment, we examine the sociological concept of institutions.  I have chosen six for us to focus on: Family, Community, 
Education, Economy, Polity (which includes politics and government) and Religion.  Your task is to identify the typical status-roles of each institution and then place them in hierarchical order from top down.  Status-roles are positions.  They can be jobs, or ownership of something, they 
can be relationships such as parent or child, they can be studenthood, or friend.  Hierarchy is rank and often has power associated with it.
Hierarchy is an ever-present feature of institutions.  The best work on this assignment will give some rationale for your hierarchical 
placements.  In this we are looking to illustrate the subject by empirical data, which for our purposes is defined as “stuff we can be reasonably sure is really going on out there.” 


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