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Instructions attached under Paperassignmentlong bb (1).doc For this assignment y


Instructions attached under Paperassignmentlong bb (1).doc
For this assignment you are asked to write a high quality 8-10 page research paper on a US intervention in the Third World since 1945. This assignment is worth 40% of your final grade. You are required to structure your paper as a case study that will test the theories of the leading explanations for the intervention in your case. You should begin by reading about your case and collecting different explanations for why the U.S. intervened. You will then reframe these explanations as theories, as discussed in class. Then you should do your best to collect evidence that “tests” these theories—what evidence would prove this theory/explanation false? What evidence indicates this theory might be true? Organize your theories and evidence as clearly as you can. Do not expect that you will definitively prove any theory true or false—just go as far along this path as you can. Please use LOTS of footnotes to cite where you found the explanations and facts in your paper. (Note: if you invented an explanation—GREAT!—no need to cite anyone!) In addition to your 8-10 page paper, you are required to also hand in a complete bibliography. A timeline of your intervention would also be very nice and could make it possible to spend less time explaining the history. Possibly an arrow diagram of each of
the theories you are testing would also be nice.
USE the Van Evera book, Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science, to help you better understand theory testing and more. This is a very quick, very useful, little guide that should be used often to think about how to analyze your evidence.
Ways to do very well:
1.) Research a less well-known case and dig deep and explain rich detail.
2.) Analyze a more famous case in a new way—beautiful theory development and
3.) Analyze the U.S. domestic politics (in rich detail) that “caused” the intervention.
I’ve attached some sources to use, but you may need to use more for the paper. Please at least use the Posen Kosovo Intervention Assessment


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