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Interview Memo – unicorp essays

15Jan 2022 by

Pair work.
Find a partner from your classmates and complete the interview & interview memo together.
Imagine and list that you & your partner want to answer the following questions: What makes a person a good team player in the workplace? What is his/her accomplishment? What are the Characteristics of a leader to cooperate with others? How to overcome challenges?  
Your assignment is to interview a person from your network for at least 40 minutes to collect his/her knowledge, opinions, and beliefs in this regard.
The paper should be a Word document. Write a brief memo describing your interviews. Make sure to address the following questions:

Cover Page
Introduction: How do you know each other? How long do you maintain the relationship? What is the person’s leadership Characteristics that impress you most?  (3-5 sentences)
Background-Why and how did you choose your interviewee: Provide your Interviewees Background Information to show the leaders name, job position/description, information about the interviewee’s organization, industry, contact information, credibility, authority & speciality. (5-8 sentences, with APA citation and references).
Main Body: Prepare 10-15 questions from the following list and get the answers from your interviewee.

What makes a leader become a good team player in the workplace?
What are the characteristics of a leader to cooperate with others? 
What is the most important quality of an authentic leader to overcome challenges? 
What kind of strategy did you use to motivate your interviewee to provide the needed information?  
What was the moment you felt very proud of yourself?

What is your largest contribution to your team?

Who are some of the leaders who inspire you, and why?
What has been a highlight of leading your company in recent months?
How is life going? How has COVID 19 affected your business?
Which was the hardest challenge in your career?
What do you most want to change about your organization?
How can you make new initiatives into the new norm?
In what ways did you communicate with your team?
What has helped you in your journey of leadership, and what are a few tips you have for us?
Feel free to add your unique questions…

4. Reflection: What are your interpretations of the answers given by your interviewee? (5-8 sentences)
5.References APA 7th Edition)

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