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Interview Questions – unicorp essays


21Jan 2022 by

Develop ten interview questions related to the job description you created in DB #2.  (file is attached to reference)

To receive full credit: 

list the job title of the job description you did for DB #2
follow a logical sequence of questions
questions must ascertain if the candidate has the required KSAOs to complete job tasks
ask a situational question
ask a behavioral question
ask 9 questions that do NOT violate any employment laws
For the last question (#10), develop a question you should NEVER ask a candidate during a job interview and explain why this question should not be asked. Hint: think about all of the questions that might be asked that violate an employment law. Further hint: think about protected classes.

Write the 10 questions in a Word document or direction into the text box. If you wrote them in a Word document, upload the document with your ten questions and then respond to 2 of your classmates’ 10 questions.

Please post your initial work and comment on the posts of two classmates by 11:59pm EST Sunday.


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