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Intro to Humanities Essay – unicorp essays


20Jan 2022 by

Choose one of the following topics and write a 600-word essay in response:
OPTION 1. How has our notion of love changed in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? After reading Chapter 13 (particularly pp. 377- 380), consider how views on love and relationships have changed, or have they? To illustrate your point of view, consider popular songs that deal with love today. Do they reinforce traditional relationships (songs like Beyonces Single Lady) or underline our changing views (songs like Katy Perrys I Kissed a Girl”).   Choose 1- 3 songs that you feel express modern love and explain how they support your view.
OPTION 2. Name a current musical group or performer that you believe deserves recognition in the humanities. In a brief persuasive essay, explain why, using specific reasons and examples to support your claim. Include links to the groups music in your essay. Consider the elements defined as the Gifts of the Humanities in Chapter 1 pp 5 -13 such as beauty, aesthetic pleasure, ideas, a better sense of who we are and better sense of the past.

Requirements: 600 words
APA format (no abstract necessary): Title page, body with in-text citations, references page.
Minimum three sourced citations (may use the text book, YouTube videos, songs and other relevant sources).


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