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14Jan 2022 by

Find an example of case study research work for critical analysis.  The case study work may be a book, journal article, a dissertation, or technical report on a topic of interest.  You will make the best use of your time if you choose a study that relates to a topic you might be interested in studying in depth in your Doctoral Study project as proposed in the SLP.  In a 6-page essay, address the following questions:

Why is this classified as a case study? Is it a descriptive, explanatory, or exploratory study? Also, is this an example of business case study research methodology? (Or, is it a business scenario referred to as a “case study”?)
Identify the four key components of the research design:

What is the research question?
What propositions are suggested?
What is the unit of analysis?
How is the data linked to the propositions?

Identify the theoretical framework for the study and assess the quality of the study in terms of validity and reliability.

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