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Introduction to the Infrared Universe – unicorp essays


Watch the following 7 minute video introducing you to the infrared universe. After watching the video, answer the questions numbered 1 through 6 below. Additional information about the video: The narrator of the video is Michelle Thaller. The telescope mentioned at the end was renamed the Spitzer Space Telescope. It orbits the Sun at a distance of about 1 AU, like Earth. The telescope’s main mission ended in May 2009 when its coolant ran out, but it has continued to operate at warmer temperatures since July 2009. Read more about the Spitzer Space Telescope at (Links to an external site.) “Infrared: More than your eyes can see” video (introduction to infrared astronomy):–0q0XlQJ0 (Links to an external site.) When we look at an infrared image of an object, what information can we obtain about it? If we are looking at two identical objects through an infrared camera and one looks bright, while the second one looks dim, what can we conclude about these objects? Say we look at two potatoes placed on a table without touching them in any way: Potato 1 has been just removed from the refrigerator, while Potato 2 was baked in an oven to a temperature of 350℉ and has just been removed from the oven. Can you tell which is the hotter potato just by looking at them? If the potatoes are photographed with a visible light camera and an infrared camera as shown below, which camera’s data would you use to tell which potato is hotter? Explain how you arrived at your answer. Can you describe a situation where the potatoes would not be visible to the human eye, but they could be detected by an infrared camera? Draw what you think the potatoes would look like to an infrared camera after a day of being left on the table untouched. Take a picture of your drawing and upload it. Alternatively, you can describe in words your drawings.


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