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Islam & science – unicorp essays


10Jan 2022 by

For this assignment, choose an article to review that covers Islam and science or mathematics. Use the databases in the Waldorf Online Library, and find an article about Islam and science or mathematics that is of interest to you. The article can be more of a historical article, or it can cover modern-day issues. The article must be at least three pages long and no more than five years old. Write a critique of the article that includes the following information:
Briefly introduce and summarize the article.Identify the authors main points.Who is the authors intended audience?What types of Islamic contributions to math or science were addressed in the article?Do you think the Sunni or Shiite views are more compatible with science and technology? Why? How do you think modern-day Muslims view science and technology?
How does the article apply to this course? Does it support the information in your textbook or in the unit lesson?How could the author expand on the main points? Is the authors argument valid? Does the author provide clear evidence to prove his or her point?
Your article critique should be at least three pages in length. Use APA style when writing your article critique. You must at least cite and reference the article you are critiquing. If you use any other sources such as the textbook, be sure to cite and reference those as well.

Use the document as your source I attached and the word document for the paper template with refernce and header already made. 


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