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Japanese Otaku: The Importance of Social Media living in a Homogenous Country


Hello, please read the instructions very carefully. Please ask any questions.This is a very important assignmentplease submit the first draft on 12/9 ( The first draft does not require perfect work, please provide just some of the paper that you have done)It is a primary research paperI will collect the data and provide the writer with the results of the surveys, questionnaires, and interviewsMust use the empirical data that I collected and summarized and incorporate in the paper
Elements of the research paper. APA 7th edition
Abstract (summary of the entire paper in 100-150 words)Introduction (including rationale, purpose, and Research question)Background (lit review, do them by theme)Methods (data collection and analysis, how many who….)Results (Description of findings, Charts/Graphs)Discussion (interpretation of findings, tie back to the research question)Limitations Lack of scope, future projects)Conclusion and implications (like recommendations)References (APA style 7th edition, only those actually cited)
Requirements for the research paper2300-3000 wordsincludes empirical data and explains where data are fromthe paper is coherent from introduction to conclusionopenly discusses any limitations, deviations from the original plan, ways to go forwardincludes data collection instruments (not data) in the appendixFollows APA styleUse reliable sources within 10-5 years
I have put my research proposal on the files please read it and use it as a guideuse the references on the research proposal and include 5 more resources that are reliableI will ask for numerous revisions please consider that and get hired
I will provide the empirical data within two days
the background of the paperotaku is a popular phenomenon but japan is a homogenous nation that does not accept minoritiesotakus have been regarded as murders or rapists due to incidents which is a biased viewotakus are seen as social outcasts due to a lack of communication skills and the biased viewsotakus reputation has become worse because of the mediaotakus tend to get discriminated and the stigma of being otaku increases in the societyit becomes hard to express being otaku in real life thus people start to use social mediaotakus tend to live on social media where they can feel safe and accepted
the fill find out how otakus are viewed and find out the real impression towards otakus and the cause of discriminationit will also discover the value of social media where minorities can feel safe and have a community


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