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Journal Critique: Trends in Education Assignment


31Jan 2022 by

Journal Critique Assignment Instructions

You will analyze and critique a
total of two peer reviewed
journal articles from varying professional journals this entire term. The articles
must address one of the topics in the chart below that coincide with current issues
and trends in education. You must select an article two years old or less. Your
article critique must include the following:

·       A summary of the
author’s position

analysis of the author’s key points and the extent to which it is backed
up; and

A personal response that addresses your agreement and/or disagreement
with author, and why. Additionally, your personal response
should link personal experiences to the content of the article that also
includes a summary statement on the overall effectiveness of the article.

Each journal article critique must be a minimum of 700 words. The assignments
must reflect current APA format and should include a title page, and reference
page. You must include the reference to
the journal article for confirmation and professor review.


Choose from the following Topics:

Module: Week

Journal Critique

Approved Topics

1: Week 1


in Education

Teacher Salaries

Teacher Assignments

Teacher Turnover

Teacher Quality

Teacher Education

School Safety

School Reform

7: Week 7

in Education


Home Schooling

Online Public Schooling

Low Performance in Rural Areas

Disabilities Grouping and Tracking

Bring Your Own Device

iPads (1-to1)

Religious Expression in Education



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