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Journal Entry need asap! – unicorp essays


Journal Entry: Your Favorite Photograph Your Favorite Photograph Photography is one form of modern art. On a universal scale, photographs document our world. Certain photographs capture a time, an event, a person, a place; they become part of our collective experience. Most people know the shot of the Kent State student crouched over the body of another student who had been shot by a member of the national guard … the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square at the end of WWII … Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. On a personal level, photographs document our lives. Most of us have family photographs that every family member remembers. Begin Work on Your Favorite Photograph Journal Entry To begin work on Your Favorite Photograph journal entry: View 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time. – Select the image that moves you the most, the one that is most memorable to you. Explain why you selected it. OR Select a photograph of your own or one that you’ve seen that is particularly meaningful to you and explain why you selected it. Provide an image of the photograph you’ve selected and identifying information about the photograph and the photographer. Note: In the case of personal photographs, you may not be able to identify the photographer or the photograph. In this case, provide any identifying information you can and note why you were not able to supply this information. Respond to these writing prompts on the Your Favorite Photograph Template [DOCX]: ATTACHED Why did you select this photograph to share and to write about? What do you see in this photograph? Be sure to provide sufficient details.
What do you think and feel about this photograph? What meaning does this photograph have for you? What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? Ensure your journal entry is clear and demonstrates good writing mechanics. Submit an image of your photograph and your journal entry to the assignment area.


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