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just write two comments for two person


Pick TWO of your groupmates and critique (constructively — NO being mean) their plan of action. If you see something they should possibly change, tell them. Have they forgotten to address an element? Remind them. When you do this, you may only critique people who already have two critiques IF there is nobody else in the class who do not already have two critiques posted. This is so everyone will have a chance to benefit from their group’s input. Follow the directions as to how/what to critique, do it, and you’re done with Phase Two! Example: a. Short-term tasks would include picking a web source and a peer-reviewed research article in order to prepare to write the first two essays. Long-term tasks would include conducting research to properly piece together my papers and thinking about how I will write my final essay. b. Selecting my research question weeks in advance before the due date to ensure I have enough time to complete my work in an adequate manner and using prior knowledge to complete that phase of the portfolio. Conducting research for my essays to make sure I have met the standards of finding a web source and a peer-reviewed research article. Piecing together all of the material that I have conducted my research on to incorporate it into the final essay. c. Conducting the research for the essays – 6-8 hrs Forming the essays – 3-4 hrs each Revising my essays before turning them in – 1 day d. In order to complete each task, I will need to thoroughly research and take into consideration what my peers have concluded, to improve my work. Also, giving myself a reasonable amount of time to submit and research my work to the best ability. e. Phase 4 – Using my prior knowledge on a research question and expressing it in a short essay Phase 5 – Finding a reliable online resource that allows me to write an essay based upon the research question I chose Phase 6 – Find a peer-reviewed research article to write an essay based upon the study that was conducted Phase 7 – Combine all the information given in all the phases to write a final paper f. In short term, I will be thinking about what topic I know best to write about and then referring back to my Portfolio Plan to help guide myself during each phase. In long term, I will be conducting numerous amounts of research to help with my essays. example about comment 1 : Good work! I read over your plan and the only thing that seems to be missing is incorporating the use of an outline. I know you set an ample amount of hours for research, but I feel as though ensuring that the outline for this project is written down concretely is the first step. I think that completing this assignment early is a great start, but just remember that with 5 or so other classes, it might not be as easy to set aside a whole day to review each of the essays. That means 8 hours will be set aside for each essay’s revision which might be a long time. I think another necessary skill needed for finding the sources and choosing a topic involves comprehension of the material and ensuring that you understand what you are reading. You did say that you were gonna choose a topic you are familiar with, but make sure comprehension is one of your main deciding factors and have it written in you plan. Other than that, your plan seems solid, good job! example about comment 2 : after reading over your plan you did a really good job, there are only a couple of things i see that could be improved. Like Bianca mentioned an outline is an important part of the assignment you should consider adding, to make sure your thoughts are organized before writing. Another thing i noticed is that instead of allocating 24 hours for essay revision, i would consider stretching time for the initial writing of the essay to allow for a better first submission, and less time revising later.


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