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Managing Quality and Risk – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

Review the following websites:

Read the Ana Position statement, .
Prepare to discuss the following prompts:

Define the concepts of quality management and risk management.  Explain the difference between these concepts.
Identify a need or problem that requires a quality improvement initiative.  Use as many specific facts as possible.  Describe the nurse manager’s role in conducting a quality improvement plan for this chosen initiative.  Cite goals, standards, or methods from the provided organizational websites to assist with your action plan and discussion.
Describe the characteristics of a “just culture.”  How can nurse managers establish this kind of work environment?
Discuss important considerations when a sentinel event occurs in a healthcare setting.  Use The Joint Commission website as a required citation and reference for your discussion.

Find at least two current scholarly sources to support your explanations and insights. OCLS resources are preferred sources and can be accessed through . Wikipedia is not permitted, as it is not a peer-reviewed, scholarly source.
Whether written or spoken, interactions are expected to:

clearly and thoroughly address the prompt with meaningful information that shows critical thinking.
introduce your own ideas and questions to add greater depth to the discussion, rather than restating what your classmates have shared. (Include much more than Great post, or I agree.)
refer to relevant course concepts as you discuss your learning together.
develop insightful conversation by directly addressing your classmates’ ideas.
demonstrate professionalism.

Based on your educational setting, complete tasks in the instructions below.

Just CULTURE link:

Source link


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