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Many healthy people are taking vitamin daily. What is your opinion? You may design a clinical study to support your opinion. Please outline those basic components of your clinical study. – unicorp essays


You should provide two type-written portions in completing a project: 1) your proposed solution to the question(s) asked in the scenario and 2) your discussions of three original research articles and/or regulatory guidances (with a copy of each article). An original research article typically includes the following types of sections: introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, and bibliographic references. Here, a review or commentary is not an original research article. In the hierarchy of peer- reviewed literature, original research articles are generally considered the most reliable evidence (e.g. an original research article is more reliable than a letter to the editor).

Your proposed solution should address the problem described in the scenario using information from the three articles you select. An example outline is: statement of problem(s); supporting data; conclusions; and recommendations. The proposed solution portion should not exceed four type-written pages (specifically, not exceeding 2000 words excluding literature references); this assignment is not a review and there no need for an exceeding large number of literature citations beyond the three that are featured in the second portion of this assignment.
For the second portion of this assignment, your discussion of each article should summarize the content of the article and emphasize the portion of the article that you used in proposing a solution. Each discussion for each of the three original research articles and/or regulatory guidances should not exceed one type- written page (specifically, not exceeding 500 words).


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