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Memorandum – unicorp essays


30Jan 2022 by

Date: 1/25/22
To: BUS COM Students
From: Prof. Rolanda Gallop, instructor
Subject: Message Evaluation Assignment Instructions
The purpose of this memo is to provide instructions on completing this writing assignment.
Newsweek magazine recently released its 2022 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies. HP, Inc. is listed as No. 1 for its environmental and social responsibilities as citizens of this country. This assignment involves examining the company’s business messaging and branding efforts.
First, visit the main website for HP, Inc. () and learn more about the company. Focus on keywords and phrases in their business message that define the company’s vision and mission and what they offer consumers (remember: they are selling specific attitudes and feelings about the company in addition to products). Jot down some of those keywords, phrases, and feelings.
Then, visit HP’s Investor website at  and click on the Combined 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Proxy Statement. Read the first 14-15 pages of the report.
Also, read the President/CEO’s letter to shareholders. (Typically, it’s the first section of the annual report.) Next, answer the following questions:

Who is the audience for this message? (Describe demographic and psychographic characteristics of the audience. Be specific with who fits into the primary, secondary, and tertiary audience levels.)
What is the overall message being conveyed? Cite keywords and/or phrases from the letter to support your answer. 
What is the general purpose of the message?
What information do you think members in each audience level want from HP?

Write your answers in a one- to two-page memo addressed to Prof. Gallop. (See the memo format used for this assignment as well as the example at the end of Tuesday’s class discussion slides.) Remember to copyedit your work and eliminate spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors before submitting your memo.


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