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Mergers and Brands – case study – unicorp essays



Please read the case CS2 – HBR – Mergers and Brands – MKT (attached) and complete the following tasks by designing a solution for the case based on one of the theories mentioned in the attached modules. 

No sources are required.

Task 1:   Design an executive summary for the case highlighting all the critical points of the case. Your executive summary should be less than 250 words.

Task 2:   Describe in details the main problem in the case. Describe the marketing related issue(s) facing the company presented in the case. Give examples from the case to support your identification of the issues.

Task 3:   Imagine yourself as a consultant to the company in the case, design a comprehensive solution to resolve this brand related issue, explain your solution using examples from the case, examples from real-life, and the academic theory discussed in class and in the textbook.
Limit your analysis to four (4) pages APA style.


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