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Midterm intro to media – unicorp essays


15Jan 2022 by

D) With a well organized, formally written essay explain how a college can accomplish both goals below using at least three of the mass media channels we are discussing this semester. Support for your opinions and ideas should be drawn from our text, the supplemental materials, and what you learned with your research paper. A guideline for length is two to three pages, but you can write as long or as short as you believe demonstrates your understanding of the question and answer. (30 points)
How can the college attract attention from an even better prepared and diverse student body. (“Prepared” is defined with regard to the students’ readiness for college work. For this essay you are free to define “diversity” in terms of as many or as few demographic characteristics as you want. Be clear when explaining the ones you use as that will likely affect your choice of specific media.)
How can the college increase its status (become better known and more highly thought of as an educational institution) throughout the city and country with alumni, wealthy individuals, and foundations interested in supporting education who will donate money to support students and efforts.

Your ideas to accomplish these goals may involve original content creation and distribution using specific channels, platforms or types of media geared toward the targeted audiences you defined.  When considering how you will use the media, think in terms of the demographics of those you wish to target either as potential students, potential influencers, or potential donors. You may also consider how advertising or public relations effort might be used to accomplish these goals: if you do, explain the content of the ad or PR campaign as well as how it fits with the mass media content where it will be seen by the people you are trying to attract to the school or influence regarding their contributions.


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