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Module 02 Course Project – Population Case Study – unicorp essays


 To begin your project, choose a population served at The Community and Family Center for your presentation. The Community and Family Center serves a diverse client population so choose a group that is interesting to you. Submit a case study related to that population; the case study you submit during this module will be analyzed throughout the duration of this course. 
When writing a case study, you can write about one specific client or a typical group of clients served at the center. For example, The Community and Family Center works with a large population of young, single mothers. A case study might focus on these women as a group, discussing generalizations related to their issues, behaviors, needs, etc., or it might highlight one individual woman, telling her story and discussing her reasons for visiting the center.
In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, write a brief summary that address the following:

Identify the chosen population.
Describe generalizations and characteristics of the chosen population.
Discuss possible human behavior theories that might apply to the behaviors of the chosen population.
Implement a least one (1) credible resource and include one (1) intext citation.

Include any resources you used on the reference page.

General Requirements:

Minimal to no spelling and grammar errors
Attempts APA formatting standards
Provides title and reference page in APA format


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