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Motor Skills Assignment – unicorp essays


21Jan 2022 by

Please answer the questions from 1 – 5. Thank you. I attach some powerpoints of the class if it help with the questions.

Question 1: Describe how the dual-task procedure can be used to demonstrate learning of a motor skill. Give an example of a real-world situation in which you could use this procedure.
Question 2: Discuss reasons why the transfer of learning is an important concept in our understanding of motor learning and control. (a) What are two reasons proposed to explain why positive transfer occurs? For each of these, give a motor skill example. (b) What is bilateral transfer?

Question 3: Describe how observing an unskilled person learning a skill could help a beginner learn that skill and discuss why a learning benefit should result from a beginner observing another beginner learning a skill.

Question 4: How do quantitative and qualitative augmented feedback differ, and how do they influence the learning of motor skills?  Describe how you would use these two forms of augmented feedback in a motor skill learning situation.

Question 5: Describe a situation in which you would use kinematic information as augmented feedback to help someone learn a motor skill and explain why you would use it.


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