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Movie EDU assignment – unicorp essays


29Jan 2022 by

Hello Class,
Your homework assignment will be as follows…
Find a MOVIE that depicts EDUCATION and/or is about Urban Education.  Watch it, summarize the movie, and write your reflection on the movie.  Find a 2-5 minute clip (trailer, etc.) of the movie on YouTube, etc. that stood out to you, mark the area and share in your paper and in the Discussion so that your classmates can see the clip/trailer and you all can discuss clip in the Discussion area.
Some suggested topics.. (You do not have to watch the suggested movie if you do not want to, you can find your own movies on or about education)
Freedom Writers (2007)In To Sir, with Love (1967)Up the Down Staircase (1967)Teachers (1984)Dead Poets Society (1989)Lean on Me (1989)Dangerous Minds (1995)Wont Back Down (2012)Remember the Titans (2000)Stand and Deliver (1988)Finding the Gold Within (2014)The Rule (2014)180 Days: A uear Inside an American High Schoo (2013)Best Kept Secret (2013)The Graduates (2013)Teach (2013)The New Public (2012)Like Stars on Earth (2007) Like Stars on Earth. …The Browning Version (1951) The Browning Version. …Remember the Titans (2000) Remember the Titans. …Dead Poets Society (1989) Dead Poets Society. …The Chorus (2004) The Chorus. …To Be and to Have (2002) …Chak de! …Not One Less (1999)You must type a minimum two full pages of content, Double Space, 12 Times New Roman font, and you must give me all the details of the movie (title and year)I am looking for you to describe the school, administration, staff and students.  I want you to give a clear depiction of the learning environment, supports available, teacher engagement, etc.
I look forward to viewing your clips, hearing your reflection and summary of your movie and reading your paper.


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