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narrative research on the movie Tank Girl

See attached.A rough draft is also attached to be used as a guide.
and here are some sources: anawadhboyspanorama. Tank Half Full Kinda Girl: Why Tank Girl Was A Trailblazer For The Women-Led Comic Book Film. Screen Queens (blog), April 8, 2020. Lavigne Pays Homage To Tank Girl With Rock N Roll Video Radio.Com, October 15, 2015., Deborah. Trash Aesthetics: Popular Culture and Its Audience. Pluto Press, 1997.Dazed. Tank Girl: The Wild Feminist Anti-Hero with a Massive Influence on Fashion. Dazed, February 20, 2020., Jamie, and Alan Martin. Tank Girl. Milwaukie: Dark Horse, 1995.CBR. Margot Robbies Tank Girl Movie Is on Hold Due to the Pandemic, November 21, 2020., Megan Carpentier Megan Carpentier is an editor at. Opinion | Tank Girls Dystopian Feminism Taught Me about Representation and Fishnets. NBC News. Accessed September 23, 2021. Tank Girl | Prime Video. Accessed September 24, 2021., Tudor. Goddess Cults in Techno-Worlds: Tank Girl and the Borg Queen. Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 28, no. 1 (2012): 524., Michelle. Grrrl Zine Networks: Re-Composing Spaces of Authority, Gender, and Culture. JAC 21, no. 2 (2001): 383409.Henderson, Scott. Agency and Intertextuality: Tank Girl, Subcultural Aesthetics, and the Strong Female Protagonist. In Comics and Pop Culture: Adaptation from Panel to Frame, 27995. University of Texas Press, 2021. Girl (1991) Issue #1 – Read Tank Girl (1991) Issue #1 Comic Online in High Quality. Accessed October 2, 2021. Girl, Postfeminist Media Manifesto Electronic Book Review, January 31, 2012., Thomas A. JAMES JOYCE MEETS TANK GIRL. Brill, 2003.

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