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Negative letter – Smart Custom Essays


You are the oldest of Roger and Agnes Stone’s three children. You grew up at 50 Walnut Street in
Hudson Massachusetts with your brother Edgar, who is two years younger, and your sister Janet, who is
thirteen years younger. Your brother Edgar works as an insurance salesman in a small town near
Knoxville, Tennessee. Your sister, Janet, is an electrical engineer working for Intel in Bangalore, India as
the director of research and development. Your father was an insurance agent and your mother was a
school teacher. You are now in your early 60’s and your parents have passed away leaving you in charge
of the estate. One of the things you need to take care of is your parent’s home, which has been a rental
for the past ten years.
Six years ago, you and your siblings rented the house to a nice couple with four children. Walter, the
father, is a history professor at Smith College. His wife, Theresa, works as an insurance agent at your
father’s old office. You vaguely know Theresa from various company functions. She was married to Sam
Kinder, but he died in a tragic auto accident leaving her with two young children. Then, several years
back she met Walter, who was divorced and had two children. They got married. The Schneider’s have
been good renters for the most part except for being late on the rent. It was your sister, Janet, who
worked out the lease agreement before she was relocated four years ago to Bangalore. Over the last
three years, the renters have missed several rent payments, but they have consistently taken care of the
older house. You have communicated extensively with Walt and Terri about this problem. They
apologize profusely and explain how money problems have hounded them. Then they catch-up on
payments only to fall behind again.
You have discussed the rental problem with your sister and brother. As a group, you have decided that
the Schneider’s must keep current with their payments or you will have no other option but to evict
them. You must write the official letter to them explaining the situation.


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