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NRS-429VN family structures discussion – unicorpessays


What is a definition of family that encompasses the different family structures prevalent today? Discuss the importance of acknowledging nontraditional family structures. Explain how family systems theory can be used to better understand the interactions of a modern family (traditional or nontraditional).


Re: Topic 2 DQ 1

Family structures that are prevalent today are vastly different from the inception of the nuclear family. According to (2021) the coined term “nuclear family” dates back to the 1920’s. The nuclear family consisted of male and female married couple and their offspring. 100 years later the nuclear family has evolved to be defined as a couple and their children, without indication of gender, marriage, or biological relationships, such as adoption or blended families (Green, 2018). A new family structure that is acknowledged in today’s time is called family of choice. This structure consists of individuals living in the same household caring and loving for other individuals that are not necessarily related to them by marriage, birth, or adoption (Green, 2018).

Ultimately, family is interconnected, whether it is by blood or by love. It is important to acknowledge non-traditional family structures because learned behaviors usually begin at home. Observing the complexity and emotions of the family system lends to understanding of the individual (Green, 2018). By assessing the family structure there can be more of a possibility for a nurse to better understand the patients influences or behaviors towards health promotion. This can be applied to both traditional and nontraditional family structures.



Green, S. Z. (2018). Understanding Families and Health Promotion. Retrieved October 12, 2021 from




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