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Nutrition Transition – unicorp essays


30Jan 2022 by

I attached The template to be used; The instructions will make more sense if you look at the templete. 

Investigate and propose as a solution to at least one aspect of the current nutrition transition in a site of your choosing. The site you select could be an entire country or it could be a smaller administrative unit such as a city or a state. It is up to you to select the appropriate scale and a policy that would be appropriate for that site and that scale. You will also need to do research to see if your selected policy is already in place in your site. If so, you can still use this policy but you need to be proposing some type of specific modification or change in the existing policy

Once you have your site and policy selected, you need to conduct research on your site to describe the current conditions in terms of malnutrition and nutrition-related noncommunicable diseases. You need to present current or recent (within the past five years) statistics for at least one measure aimed at assessing undernutrition (e.g. rates of food insecurity, rates of stunting and/or wasting, etc), one measure aimed at assessing overnutrition (e.g. rates of overweight/obese), and at least two nutrition-related noncommunicable diseases (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.). You will also need to research what is driving the nutrition transition in your selected site (i.e. why are people less physically active and eating diets with increase amounts of fat and sugar), identifying at least two factors.
You will then need to explain how your selected policy will address the nutrition transition in your region. You should link your policy recommendation and its proposed results to the factors that your identified in your site. You will also need to discuss whether the policy is aimed at changing individual behaviors or at addressing structural drivers of the nutrition transition. Additionally, you will need to identify potential weaknesses in your policy recommendation and why it may not achieve the desired results you had previously discussed.
Finally, you will need to offer your personal position on whether you think that the type of policy you selected should be implemented in a wider range of sites. You will then reflect on how the course and this assignment has changed (or not changed) your understanding of the global obesity epidemic and our current nutrition transition.
To complete this assignment, you will need to cite at least two peer-reviewed, academic sources and at least two other credible sources (please see General Guidelines for Completing Written Assignments for explanations on these source types). You will likely cite the peer-reviewed, academic sources in the policy recommendation part of the assignment and the other credible sources (e.g. government reports) in the site background portion of the
You are required to use the provided template. You should not alter the template except to insert your responses into the answer boxes. Your responses must be typed and written in full sentences. Your similarity score from TurnItIn will be high because of the template. This is not a concern as we will look at the specifics of the report and not just the score.

You are expected to write out your answers in your own words. Less than 20% of the assignment should consistent of direct quotations. Direct quotations must be included within quotation marks, otherwise, it is considered plagiarism.
Make sure to cite your sources. Almost every section should have an in-text citation telling the reader where you learned the information. In-text citations are needed even if you do not provide direct quotations. In-text citations do not count towards word counts.
Wikipedia is not an appropriate source to cite. This is not because Wikipedia is inaccurate but because you should be looking for the original sources of information. You can use Wikipedia sources to find this information, read it, and then cite it if appropriate. But Wikipedia itself is not appropriate to cite.


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