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Obesity Health Promotion Plan Case Study [Interactive]


Today, you see Jessica for her 7-year well-child visit (Links to an external site.).
After her visit, use your summary and the Obesity Health Promotion Plan template (Word) (Links to an external site.) to answer the following questions. Go to various sites, such as, American Academy of Pediatrics, or Bright Futures, for educational material and search for apps that you feel would be helpful to give this family to measure progress.
Analyze Jessica’s nutritional status.Calculate Jessica’s BMI and growth percentiles.Determine her recommended daily guidelines.Determine her recommended daily intake.Compare what is happening with what is recommended.Analyze exercise status.Calculate Jessica’s current activity status.Determine the daily recommended TV/screen time for a child this age.Determine the daily recommended activity level for a child this age.Develop a healthcare promotion plan that includes a sample menu for one day.Explain how you would engage the family.How would you recommend increasing Jessica’s daily activity requirements?RecommendationsWhat exercise or nutritional apps do you feel would be the most helpful for this family? Why?Follow-up: When would you like to see them back in your office?What would define as success or that Jessica is on the right track? If she is not, what are the next steps?Use APA (7th ed.) formatting for in-text citations. Use at least three scholarly references, preferably from in provider-based or NP-based journals.


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