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occupational health and safety essay – unicorp essays


Short essay
A list of current topics in occupational health and safety is provided below. Students are asked to choose a topic from the list that interests them and write a maximum a2000 word essay on the subject. The essay should clarify the following:

Why is the topic important or of interest?
What are the latest research and/or legislations suggesting in relevance to the topic?.
What are the future challenges on the topic that HR professionals/researchers/legislators should address?

While the essay should be based on solid research, referenced in APA style format, students are encouraged to have a critical lens and add their own unique perspectives based on their research. 
Use double spaced font size 12 Times New Roman for your submission file.
List of topics:

Non-standard working hours and OHS
Employer’s liabilities for home-based employees
Job security and OHS in the next decades
Internet harassment (cyberbullying) and OHS
#metoo & OHS
OHS for contingent workers in the gig economy
Mental Health and OHS
OHS and home care workers
Smartphone stress and OHS
Climate crisis and OHS
Globalization and OHS
Legalization of recreational cannabis and OHS
OHS and leadership from the top
Data analytics and OHS
Is there an OHS issue about which you are passionate to write an essay, but it is not included on this list? Please write an email to me and let’s discuss.

Essays are graded based on the following criteria. 
A= far exceeds standard B= exceeds standard C= Meets standard D= below standard
Argument (intro/conclusion): To what extent is the essay clearly stating an original and interesting argument at the beginning and reaching a logical conclusion based on the analysis in the end? (30%)
Analysis (body of the essay): To what extent are the arguments presented in the essay supported by a thoughtful synthesis of peer-reviewed papers and other reliable sources? (30%)
Organization: To what extent does the essay show attention to logic and reasoning of points to guide the reader to the conclusion. (30%)
Grammar and mechanics: To what extent is the essay free of distracting and serious grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors? Are all the sources correctly cited according to the requirements of the recommended referencing style? (10%)


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