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Organizational Structures – unicorp essays


15Jan 2022 by

Ana enthusiastically began her first day at work at Riverville Medical Center (RMC) as an accounts receivable specialist. Her first task was to report to Bennet, the manager of the RMC accounts receivables department. Bennet handed Ana her daily duties and weekly tasks, and shared the RMC organization chart. Ana reviewed the chart and noticed that Bennet reported to Caroline, the RMC finance manager. Finally, the finance manager reported to Denise, the Riverville Medical Center director. On her first workday, Ana quickly acknowledged the chain of command and the organization structure of her new workplace. Whenever and wherever we enter the health care workforce, we enter an organizational structure.
Organizational structures are the means by which job tasks are formally distributed, assembled, and organized (Robbins & Judge, 2018). Health care organizations are dynamic and complex human service organizations (Pyper, 2018). Poorly addressing the subject of structures and their design in an organization can lead to problems of unnecessary complexity, stress, and conflict (Ingram, 2019).
In this weeks Discussion, you will analyze the structure of an organization, the trends it may be experiencing, and the external pressures it faces.
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Name the organization you chose, and describe its mission, vision, and the population it serves.
Describe the organizations structure (i.e., centralized versus decentralized).
How well do you think the organizational structure works? Please explain. Should the structure be changed? Explain how and why.
What are trends in the organization? In other words, how might the organization change in the future?
What are the external pressures on the organization (i.e., health reform, economic pressures)?
What are some advantages and disadvantages of a centralized versus decentralized structure in the health care organization you described? Explain why or why not.
How well do you think a centralized versus decentralized structured organization responds to change?


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