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Peer response to discussion (minimum 150 words)


RESPOND TO PEER  discussion response 
Bhopal experiences helped contribute to learning lessons and better preparation to emergencies like this in the future. There were over 200,000 people exposed to the methyl isocyanate (MIC), and of these there were 173,382 people that sustained at least a temporary injury. The MIC leak caused ocular problems, respiratory toxicity, as well as psychological problems (Dhara R. and Dhara V., 1995). Furthermore, long-term effects of MIC have been conducted on animals. The results have shown respiratory, reproductive, and immune systems to have defects. It has raised concern especially in women, given the problems that have been found to arise in their reproductive organs (Bowonder et al., 1985). There are three major lessons that can be learned from the gas leak in Bhopal. First off, the storage of chemicals in substantial amounts should never occur again. These chemicals can be anything considered harmful to people or the environment, for example the immense storage of MIC such as in Bhopal. Next, it has been learned that zoning of housing and cities should be strictly planned to avoid dangerous industries. This will eliminate the danger to a densely populated area if a chemical outbreak were to occur again. Lastly, it has been learned that in all industrial cities, planning and evacuation in cases of emergency are of the upmost importance. Prioritizing a plan of action in case of emergency is vital to the safety of the population (Cuadra, 2022). It can be seen that the horrific incident that took place in Bhopal did however bring positive lessons that are now to this day instilled to avoid something like this from ever happening again.
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