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Performance evaluations are one of the most important communication tools


 Performance evaluations are one of the most important communication tools an organization can use. They need not be complicated; they just need to be done. Performance evaluations benefit both employee and employer. When it is a time to provide feedback, recognize quality performance and set expectations for future job performance. This is also a time to have candid conversations about performance that is lacking and how performance can be improved. Ongoing performance discussions can assist in avoiding serious problems in the future (Laurenz, 2011).ReferencePeggy Laurenz. “Why Evaluate? Performance Evaluations Are One of the Most Important Communication Tools…” Central SD SHRM. Central SD SHRM, 16 Sept. 2011. Web. 26 Aug. 2016.Instructions:Your discussion board submission address the following topic points:

Define and discuss the importance of the performance evaluation process using credible sources to support your findings.
Using real examples from businesses or HR related sources found on the internet identify and discuss the; performance evaluation methods and tools that would be appropriate for the employment position chosen in section one of your project.

Explain how this HR process relates to the employee life cycle.
Explain the potential issues or concerns that exist when organizations choose not to use Performance Evaluations.

Additional Requirements:In your discussion posting refer the reader directly to the sources you are using by providing a hyperlink. See the website in the assignment area for directions. In addition to the text book and the resources provided you could also use a link to a short video which supports your written submission. You are required to provide a works cited list at the bottom of your submission post. 


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