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philosophy 1 discussion and 1 summarize


28Jan 2022 by

1 discussion and 1 summarize

Please choose one prompt (see below) and post one reflection
Please write:

One post on the chosen prompt, 150 to 300 words. Write the prompt number at the beginning.

Please be sure that your posts are on topic, and your comments are original, respectful and constructive. See the rubric for details (click on the three dots on the top right). 


Do you think that Elisabeth of Bohemia’s criticism of Descartes is convincing? Why?
What is your position regarding the “hard problem” of consciousness? Do you think science will be able to explain how the physical brain produces conscious experience? 
Does Mary learn something new when she sees colors for the first time?
Do you think that Ryle’s criticism of Descartes is convincing? Why?
Chalmers’ TED talk on the extended mind is from 2011. Many things have changed since then (including: he cut his hair). Is time proving this theory right or wrong?

Please summarize this week’s reading in 150-300 words(that the summary must be on the reading (or readings), not on the slides 


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