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Planning Resources per Capita – unicorp essays


16Jan 2022 by

For this assignment you will be using the data in the National Center for Health Statistics’ Annual Report on Trends in Health Statistics. Calculate the number of physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, and dentists there would be in an average small town with 10,000 people. Follow the directions below and populate the table with your answers.
1.     Go to:
2.     Use the data found under: “Health, United States, 2017”
3.     Select “Trends Table”
4.     Under the “Subjects” drop down, find the “Health Care Resources” Heading
5.     Under “Health Care Resources”, select each of the identified categories to identify the correct data to populate the table below:
·      Physicians
·      Hospitals
·      Nursing Homes
·      Dentists
6.     All total counts are then divided by the Total Population (provided below) to get the per capita rates.
7.     Multiply the per capita rates by 10,000 to get an estimate of the numbers in a small town.


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