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Please write this post in a thoughtful and professional manner. Make sure to edit for spelling and grammar.

This reading focuses on the ways that intercultural communication is impacted by capitalist practices. The author focuses on how cultural commodification, tourism, and the transformation of social relations into market relations, has detrimentally impacted human communication and relationality across difference.

This activity encourages you to think about yourself as a consumer and your relationship to economic responsibility. Answer this activity in about 300 WORDS. Please do not feel like you have to disclose anything you purchased which is personal or private or otherwise uncomfortable for you to discuss. 

Weave in specific ideas or themes from the readings (direct quotes, summaries, definitions, etc) in your responses below. RESPOND to one peer explaining what you learned from them:

Keep a list of things you purchased for a week including the price, store, manufacturer, and the nation/place your item was produced.
Based on your list, discuss the following questions:

What did you learn about yourself as a consumer?
What can you learn about the culture of capitalism from your list?
How does the culture of capitalism affect intercultural communication?
How is your identity connected to or expressed by what you consumer?
What would you change in your consumer activity in order for you to become a more economically responsible consumer?



Please write this post in a thoughtful and professional manner. Make sure to edit for spelling and grammar.

According to Ramirez-Sanchez and Gordon in Chapter 12 Media 2.0 and 3.0. as well as the Puerto Rican punk music scene are defined by a DIY philosophy (make music in your garage; use rudimentary tools easily available to you, etc).  These tools may enable all actors to take advantage of the features of new media technologies and platforms to craft their own sense of self or to create communities. 

 In this response, connect the themes from the reading to the Ted Talk from Henry Jenkins Jr, the documentary Style Wars, and the youtube show Broad City. In about 300 WORDS, respond to the two questions below. Be specific in your response, incorporating direct quotes, analysis of specific scenes, recalling names, locations, and other details that help situate the reader. 

RESPOND to at least one peer, explaining what you learned from their response.

1.How do Broad City and Style Wars demonstrate how young people turn to the tools available to them to define themselves and tell their story on their own terms? What do we learn about the values, goals, and dreams of the people and characters represented in these texts? What issues related to gender, race, sexuality, class, and/or other power and social relations shapes the prerogatives in these young peoples lives?

2.How do you see the hip hop youth in Style Wars or Abbi and Ilana in Broad City exemplify Jenkinss notion of participatory culture?

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