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Policy Memo: What is the best way to reduce multimorbidity incidence and prevalence in black and Latino populations in the US?


Policy Memo Part 1: Issue Identification (4 double-spaced pages)

Issue to be discussed:
What is the best way to reduce multimorbidity incidence and prevalence in black and Latino populations in the US?
–       Look at state or local options, it is national problem but is national or local policy best to fix it?
In this first part of your memo, you will identify the policy issue, explain why the issue is important, and provide relevant background information. This background should include the current and historical status of policy around the issue and a description of the issue that makes clear the size, complexity, uncertainty, and other relevant characteristics. In doing so, you will want to marshal available qualitative and quantitative data to support your points (no original primary research required, rely on secondary sources). It is often effective to make comparisons to the experience of other countries, states, localities, etc. to show that your policy issue deserves attention.
Keep in mind that your memo has an audience. The audience for each of your memos will differ depending on your issue. You should pick this person (or group, or organization) based on who is in a position to make relevant policy about your issue. For example, if you are examining a US state-level issue, then perhaps the governor of the state is the best audience. If you are examining an issue related to actions of an international organization (IO), then perhaps the Secretary General of that IO is the relevant audience. Other options include mayors, members of Congress, any other governmental policymaker, the head of an NGO, a CEO, bureaucrat, etc. 
Note: as you write the rest of your memo throughout the semester, you will return to this first part and add a summary of the rest of your memo, including your final policy recommendation. 

These memos are not exactly same format as yours, but they can serve as a reference especially for this first part of the memo. They all successfully provide relevant background, so you can get a sense of the type of information you should present to set up the rest of your memo.
1. Include a header identifying the audience, your name, date, and subject.2. Your paper should be no longer than 4 double-spaced pages.3. Put page numbers on every page.4. Use 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman, and 1 margins.5. Papers must cite all sources. Please use the author-date system (not footnotes or endnotes), following the Chicago Manual of Style. In this system, sources are cited briefly in the text by including the authors last name and date of publication in parentheses. Then, a list of references with full bibliographic information is included at the end of the memo (this will not count against the page limit).


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