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ppt NEW SYSTEMS DESIGN – unicorp essays


24Feb 2022 by
Your deliverable is a PowerPoint proposal and use of the Notes section, outlining what you would say in your presentation.PURPOSE: Learner(s) will design a new service system design to resolve a specific service problem for a real company. (please use target, walmart, well know stores where u are a frequent customer
Identify a service problem or need for the company that you work for, or for a company you frequent as a customer. Create a PowerPoint proposal on how to improve an existing system, or implement a new service system, to satisfy unmet customer service needs. The problem must be a real problem for an existing business. If you are not working for a company, you can solve a problem for a company you frequent as a customer. Write your proposal as if you were an employee of the company, whether you work for them or not.Apply your knowledge of problem-solving and customer service variables in designing a new service system.


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