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Private Security and the Use of Force – unicorp essays


Write a paper on one of the following topics while following the below instructions. Select one of the over twenty (20) topics below and research no less than three (3) academic articles (preferably five (5)), regarding the selected topic.  The articles should be academic or professional articles of substance. Use of newspaper articles and other such secondary sources should be avoided.If you have another security issue, or topic that is of special interest to you, please request permission from the instructor about your proposal.As a general outline, the paper should address all of the following items:1) Introduce the importance of the security topic. This should include your reasons for selecting the topic. Provide a clear purpose statement.2) What is the different authors’ perspectives, evidence, or claims regarding the topic?3) Compare and contrast the articles. Where do they agree, or do NOT agree? If there is some uncertainty, please state the reasons why while discussing any implications.4) How does your analysis align with what we have learned thus far in the course?After drawing comparisons and making discussion of the issues and/or topic, share your perspective, critique, position and what is based upon. Give any recommendations to other classmates about what you have discovered, particularly if they have interest in the subject matter.Post your papers in the Discussion area and also upload to the Assignment folder.  All papers should be submitted to the assignment folder and adhere to APA guidelines. It should be a minimum of five (5) to ten (10) computer-generated, double-spaced pages and use a 12-point font. Margins are to be 1 inch (top, bottom, right, and left).List of Topics:Home Protection, What You Should KnowPreventing and Responding to Workplace ViolencePreventing and Responding to Insider Threats.Security Alarm Systems, (or subtopic and issues like the Problem of False Alarms).The Role of Security in Relation to National Disasters (i.e. Katrina).Private Security and the Use of Force.Selecting and Training Qualified Security Personnel.Information Protection.Professionalizing Security, Dream, or Reality?Current Security Liability Issues (You can choose one, or cover several Court case reviews are a good source of information).Raising Security Awareness, Can it make a Difference?Security Licensing.Bomb Threat and Hazardous Material Response.Effective Policies, Procedures and Practices for Handling Disgruntled Employees, (and/or Customers).Effective Control Access Technologies.Surveillance Technologies.Security and Police Relations.CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design), when does it, or doesn’t work?The Threat Terrorism and Role of Security.Private Security and Customer Relations.Using Crime Analysis to Improve Security.Sex Offender Programs (maps indicating community location) and Alerts, how, and do they work?Security topic/issue of your choice submitted for approval.


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