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Product platform – unicorp essays


08Feb 2022 by

DQ 4: What is a product platform? Why is it important for a business? Why is IP important to consider for any venture? What are the different types of IP for a venture?
 DQ 5: What is the importance of a business model? Why do you think most business models fail? One page each discussion
What makes a strong initial post?  Let’s consider a few things.  
1.    Did you understand the prompt?
2.    Did you refer to the scoring rubric?
3.    Did you present research reference evidence in your post and provide examples?
4.    Did you express yourself clearly?
5.    Did you make the post meaningful, provide thorough analysis and a individual perspective in your initial post?
6.    Did you meet all the requirements set forth in the rubric?
7.    Did you use a word document to spell and grammar check your post?
8.    Did you read your post aloud for clarity so it is easily understood by the reader?
So, preparation is the key here.  Understanding the assignment instructions / prompts before you do start your research will help you make stronger more effective posts.  The more research you do the more substantive your post will be.  
Also, incorporating prior feedback is VERY important.  So, make sure you follow the rubric and correct the feedback in the upcoming assignments.  
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