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PROVIDE A DETAILED SUMMARY ON POEM Haiti is a beautiful country, There is no such thing We


PROVIDE A DETAILED SUMMARY ON POEM  Haiti is a beautiful country,There is no such thingWe have some foreigners who have colonized us,Like Spanish, French who left packed words that translated beautifully into the Creole language In colonial times, when white French gave slaves corn to grind,When they say “tiens, tiens” they think it is chchchen that they say may.For a long time, there were always beautiful Creole women.Well, when a white man gives birth to a child and a negro, when the child is born, the white man is surprised to see that the child looks like him, and says, “It’s my race!”We form our words that say is startupThere still is!It is all these words that form the Creole languageCreole is a beautiful languageIt is a flame of love shining in the heartIt is a flowering rose in the gardenIn Haiti, people pretend to be the only French speakers. “Who am I?”Though he is the official languageCreole is our mother tongue3⁄4 the population speaks blood without Creole Creole People without namely living themselves,When they talk on the radio, on televisionIf “I had seen this, I had seen this”They do not speak Creole so that everyone understands what they are saying. We must speak Creole so that everyone can speak this beautiful language! A language is born to speak and write like a French proverb says
“Words go away, writings stay.” If we do not write beautiful poetry, the songs we make, How after the next three generationsPeople will know what we used to do.They should encourage young people, write beautiful poetry, beautiful books, compose beautiful songs on any subjectThus the torch of this tongue will still live.


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