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Public Policy Essay – Smart Custom Essays


10Jan 2022 by

Read the case studies, “The Nuclear Waste Disposal Act” and “The Total Maximum Daily Load Program” on pages 258-260 of the Anderson text.
Read “Interest Group Participation in Rule Making: A Decade of Change” by Scott R. Furlong and Cornelius M. Kerwin from the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol. 15, no. 3, December 16, 2004.
The Anderson text provides us two examples of how implementation and those involved with implementation can hinder a policy alternative from becoming reality. Projects are stalled, become dormant, progress fluctuates depending on who is in office, etc. Furlong and Kerwin discuss how interest groups participate in the rulemaking process. Recall that legislation can be rudimentary with administrative agencies tasked to create the details. Interest groups have increasingly become more engaged in the rulemaking process to influence the final version of a rule.
For the first part of this assignment, research either of the case studies to provide an update as to the status of these policies and their implementation (or continued lack thereof). Be sure to include the following:

What developments have occurred since the publication of the Anderson text (2015)?
How has the changes in administrations from President Obama to President Trump impacted the implementation of the policy?
Discuss the role of interest groups, formal or informal, with the implementation of this policy.

For the second part of this assignment, research the final rule on small dollar lending (aka payday lending rule) issued by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau in July 2020 ( Provide an analysis of the role on interest groups in how the rule evolved from its original version from 2017.
You must follow the guidelines below when submitting your assignment:

Typed in Microsoft Word, double spaced, 12pt. font size, 1″ margins, Times New Roman or Arial font type
Two (2) pages, but no more than four (4) pages
A minimum of at least two (2) peer review references; one of the peer review references may be the Furlong/Kerwin article.


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