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Putting It All Together – unicorp essays


15Jan 2022 by

By Day 7

Respond to at least two colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

Identify a potential problem or obstacle your colleague might have missed.
Suggest something constructive to help with the project’s design or implementation.
Extend your peer’s thinking with another resource about service learning or learner-centered curriculum.

Discussion: Putting It All Together

As you continue to build your understanding of service learning, use this week’s Discussion to analyze your progress in creating a high-quality, curricular Service Learning Strategy Project. Consider your project-based learning idea, the problem and purpose statements you created, and the Learning Resources you have read and reviewed. Be sure to pay particular attention to the common pitfalls presented by Morin (2009). How did the week’s Learning Resources impact your thinking? Remember, this Discussion will be useful to your creation of a Service Learning Strategy Project outline.
To prepare
Read this week’s Learning Resources and review the feedback you received on your problem and purpose in the Week 6 Discussion.

By Day 3

Post a summary in which you do the following:

Explain the progress you have made on your Service Learning Strategy Project component of your Learning Outcomes Project.
Share with your peers your insights on the project, including the obstacles and problems you might anticipate.
Explain the progress you have made in identifying a problem, connecting it to the curriculum, and planning for a rigorous service-learning experience.

Week 7: The Architecture of Service Learning in the Curriculum, Part 2

A dictionary might define architecture as the conscious act of construction. This week, the architecture you explore is your conscious synthesis of the material you have mastered about service learning. The creation of authentic service learning takes conscious effort and attention to the practices most likely to provide quality learning experiences. As you continue to analyze articles for your final annotated bibliography and consider the community- or school-based problem you have selected, begin to articulate your vision for the final Service Learning Strategy Project. The opportunity to analyze your thinking and receive feedback is invaluable in the process.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

Analyze progress related to Service Learning Strategy Projects
Analyze potential issues related to Service Learning Strategy Projects
Develop Service Learning Strategy Projects

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Morin, E. L. (2009). Service learning pitfalls: Problems you didn’t see coming. College Teaching Methods & Styles Journal, 5(1), 43–52.

Thiessen, D. (2007). Curriculum and social change. Curriculum Inquiry, 37(4), 299–302.

Welch, M. (2010). O.P.E.R.A.: A first letter mnemonic and rubric for conceptualizing and implementing service learning. Issues in Educational Research, 20(1), 76–82.

Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2016b). Learning support project [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 11 minutes.


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