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Question 11 pts Much of our knowledge of the Etruscan civilization comes – unicorp essays


Question 11 pts
Much of our knowledge of the Etruscan civilization comes from elaborate paintings and statuary found in Etruscan cemeteries. Which of the following is an Etruscan sarcophagus?
Group of answer choices
A, Limestone sarcophagus from Cyprus (5thcentury BCE)
B,Sarcophagus of the Spouses from Cerveteri (6thcentury BCE)
C, Anthropoid sarcophagi from Cadiz, Iberia (5thcentury BCE)
D, Sarcophagus of Tutankhamen (14th century BCE)
Question 21 pts
Which of the following correctly completes the blanks in this statement?
Roman society was divided into two broad classes of citizens: the ______________________ or aristocrats that descended from the great clans that once dominated village councils and the_________________________or lower-class citizens. There were also slaves and non-Romans. 
Group of answer choices
A,optimizes; populares
B, patricians; populares
C, plebeians; patricians
D, patricians; plebeians
Question 31 pts
During  the early Republican period, patrician status was determined by which of following?
Group of answer choices
BL,ength of residence in Rome
D,Service to the state
Question 41 pts
What Mediterranean power founded the city of Carthage as part of their trading empire?
Group of answer choices
Plebeians could own land.
A,The Egyptians 
B,The Greeks 
C,The Hittites 
D,The Phoenicians
Question 51 pts
When the last king of Rome was deposed, his place was taken by two magistrates called
Group of answer choices
Question 61 pts
The chart titled “Roman Government” shows that the Romans designed their government to
Group of answer choices
A,promote trade and commerce.
B,incorporate checks on the power of different parts of government.
C,centralize power in one person.
D,respond quickly to military attacks.
Question 71 pts
During the republican as well as the imperial period, the Senate’s powers included
Group of answer choices
A,the right to give binding instructions to praetors.
B,the right to advise consuls.
C,the right to appoint censors.
D,the right to appoint consuls.
Question 81 pts
Electing tribunes and publicly displaying the Law of the Twelve Tables
Group of answer choices
A,benefited patricians who elected the tribunes.
B,protected plebeians against unjust treatment by patricians.
C,violated the constitution. 
D,showed the influence of the Etruscans.
Question 91 pts
Which of these was a consequence of the patria potestas?
Group of answer choices
A,Husbands had complete control over their wives.
B,Roman husbands gained official status only when they had sons.
C,All Roman men were expected to serve in the army.
D,Fathers were the sole owners of all their dependents’ property.
Question 101 pts
How did Tiberius Gracchus propose to alleviate the plight of peasant farmers and the urban poor?
Group of answer choices
A,By redistributing public land to landless Romans
B,By providing every poor Roman citizen with a yearly stipend
C,By investing in roads, arenas, and public baths
D,By establishing new colonies for the Roman poor in distant lands
Question 111 pts
Which of these groups was most opposed to the Gracchus brothers’ proposals?
Group of answer choices
A,The commercial elite
B,The social elite
C,The landless poor
TD,he artisan class
Question 121 pts
The conquest of Greece led to a lasting influence of Greek culture on Rome. Greek influence on Roman culture includes all of the following EXCEPT
Group of answer choices
B,Art and architecture
C,Literature and philosophy
D,Grid based city planning
Question 131 pts
Which Roman general is famous for defeating Hannibal during the Second Punic War?
Group of answer choices
A,Scipio Africanus
B,Julius Caesar
D,Constantine the Great
Question 141 pts
Which of the following is TRUE about women in Rome?
Group of answer choices
A,Roman women were kept in seclusion like in Athens.
B,Women were involved in public life.
C,Women were responsible for the moral education of their children and direction of the household.
D, Women could divorce their husbands at will.
Question 151 pts
The image here shows the modern-day ruins of the Roman Forum, wherein the city’s political, judicial, and religious edifices once stood in splendor. In that respect, the Romans constructed this city center following the model of the Acropolis in
Group of answer choices
Question 161 pts
Which of the following is not a Roman monument?
Group of answer choices
A,Circus Maximus
B,Mausoleum of Hadrian (known today as Castel Sant’Angelo)
C,Temple of Jupiter
D,Basilica of Constantine
Flag question: Question 17
Question 171 pts
This image, of an aqueduct in modern-day Nîmes France, epitomizes
Group of answer choices
the Roman modification of the Greek religious pantheon.
Etruscan influences on Roman architecture.
the engineering knowledge of the Romans.
the defensive requirements of Roman-occupied Gaul.
Question 181 pts
Which of these represented the plebeians in Roman politics?
Group of answer choices
Question 191 pts
What caused the social and economic upheaval of the late republican period?
Group of answer choices
A,The need to combat powerful competing empires in the east and north
B,The disruption of Rome’s agricultural system
C,A sharp drop in population
D,Widespread corruption
Question 201 pts
The following is a quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BCE-43 BCE):
“It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment.”
This quote best reflects Cicero’s
Group of answer choices
A,support of Republican institutions.
B,Stoic philosophy.
C,conviction that divine justice will always prevail.
D,pessimistic attitude in the wake of the civil wars. 
E,belief that a good leader governs by justice not force.
Question 211 pts
What steps did Julius Caesar take to consolidate his power?
Group of answer choices
A,He made himself dictator without a term limit.
B,He declared himself emperor.
C,He joined with rivals Octavian and Mark Antony.
D,He cut taxes to gain support.
Question 221 pts
Why did a group of senators murder Julius Caesar?
Group of answer choices
A,because he was waging a civil war.
B,to prevent him from destroying the Roman Republic.
C,to dismantle the Republic and return governing power to the monarchy.
D,because he was extremely unpopular with the Roman people.
Question 231 pts
What was the main duty of Roman religious officials?
Group of answer choices
A,To keep peace with the gods and obtain their aid
B,To promote virtuous behavior among Roman women
C,To promote personal piety
D,To cleanse the individual and society of the stain of sin
Question 241 pts
The Roman manner of treating conquered populations was radically different from anything seen before because
Group of answer choices
A,Roman legions were incredibly ruthless; they were instructed to rape as many B,women as possible.
C,Romans enslaved all conquered populations.
D,Romans offered citizenship to almost  all conquered peoples.
E,Romans required that all conquered peoples provide heavy tribute.
Question 251 pts
Why did Augustus prefer to be called princeps or “first citizen” rather than emperor?
Group of answer choices
A,To prove his support of republican ideals
B,To claim his status as dictator
C,To show that he was retiring from politics
D,To emphasize that he had more power than other magistrates
Question 261 pts
Which of these played an important role in Augustus’s successful creation of the Roman Empire?
Group of answer choices
A,His willingness to delegate power
B,His embrace of social and cultural innovation
C,His scaling back of Rome’s military expenditures
D,His manipulation of political symbols
Question 271 pts
Which of these was an important change in elite culture that occurred during the Augustan period?
Group of answer choices
A,Roman literature turned away from poetry and toward prose.
B,Artists and writers lost the freedom to criticize the state.
C,Public schools were established to educate the sons and daughters of the elite.
D,The merchant classes became the main patrons of writers and poets.
Question 281 pts
What does this map tell us about Roman expansion in the second century c.e.?
Group of answer choices
A,The Pyrenees formed a natural language barrier between Latin and Greek.
B,Romans were so enamored with wine, none settled outside vine-growing (for wine) regions.
C,Geographic features restricted Roman expansion in the west and the south.
D,Celtic speakers were restricted to Gaul by Roman imperial policy.
Question 291 pts
Which of these was one of Augustus’s chief sources of power?
Group of answer choices
A,The courts
B,The Senate
C,The state church
D,The treasury
Question 301 pts
Which of the following is not a structure built for public purposes?
Group of answer choices
A,Baths such as the ones built by Emperor Caracalla
B,Roads such as Via Appia
C, Amphitheater such as the Colosseum
D,Palaces such as the Flavian Palace on the Palatine Hill
E, Aqueducts such as the Pont du Gard


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