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Reading Log #3 , Rough Draft of Conclusion and interdiction


#1 Read and annotate your book for Chapter 3. Then answer the following questions in your own words – do not copy sentences from the book. You get points for this activity by simply doing your best. We will discuss these concepts further in our groups, so you will not lose any points if you make a mistake. Answer each question thoroughly – at least 3 sentences or more. 1] You may have a different edition of the book, so the page number for the quote may be different. Make sure that you find the quote. Gottman says, ” You can become a collector of emotional moments by consciously looking for opportunities to connect with others” (68). What does he mean by this and why should we do this? 2] What is a harsh set-up and what is a soft start-up to a conversation? Gottman would say we should do __________ because _____________. 3] What is the difference between a harmful criticism and a helpful complaint? Write a harsh criticism and then change it to a helpful complaint. 4] What is emotional flooding? What can we do if we become flooded to help? 5] Think about the last time you were really upset with a friend or family member. A. What was the argument/upset about – actual fight about trash being taken out, dishes being done, etc?B. Now think about why you were upset. What were your / your friends/family member’s needs? Look at age 77 and pick 2-3 words to show real needs. C. How do you think you can have had that conversation better with knowing the needs? 6] What does Gottman mean when he says we sometimes avoid a conversation we need to have? What are the results of not having the conversation? What can we do instead of avoiding? #2 Part one: Create the following sentences required below and then put them together into your introduction paragraph. A ] Creating the Hook Create 4 different kinds of hooks about the subject of this introduction: Write an interesting statistic/fact about this subject that most people do not know – quote your source Write a famous quote which may apply to this subject – put the quote in quotation marks (author of quote) Write an important question that we might ask about the topic. Write a bit of wisdom / old saying you know that is suggested by this subject. It can come from the USA or your country. Look at your 4 hooks and decide which one you like the best 🙂 B ] Background information: 1. Write a sentence that explains your favorite hook and relate it to the book, using author name and book title. 2. Write a sentence that introduces who the author of the book is – profession, life experiences that are important. 3. Write 3 sentences telling what the book is about. Define terms like bid. 4. Write 3 sentences explaining why the book is important and why someone should read it. C ] Make a thesis statement to include the following – Topic = Understanding bids for connection How we feel = we can improve / enhance our relationships How we write= recognize mistakes making bids, mistakes receiving bids, and avoid bid busters D] NOW: Put all those sentences together in paragraph form and write your introduction: #3 Part one: Create the following sentences required below and then put them together into your conclusion paragraph. Part two: Once you have posted your answers, you will see your group mates. Reply with a minimum of 5 sentences to one person to help him / her improve their writing, ask a question and/or say what they did really well. A] Write a college level transition and connect it to a restatement of your thesis in different words: B] Summary Use a transition Summarize the main ideas in first body paragraph in 2 sentences: Use a transition Summarize the main ideas in second body paragraph in 2 sentences: Use a transition Summarize the main ideas in third body paragraph in 2 sentences: C] Create additional ending strategies [ 3 sentences] Choose 2-3 of the following and then pick the ones you like best for your paragraph 1] Write a suggestion/advice you might make for the readers : 2] Come full circle


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