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Repsond to the discussion below:I am introducing Latasha Henry; Latasha typically goes by Tasha.


Repsond to the discussion below:I am introducing Latasha Henry; Latasha typically goes by Tasha. Being called Latasha reminds her of being a child and getting in trouble at school or with her parents; it usually meant business to hear her mom yell Latasha Henry! She is currently about halfway through her social work degree and plans to graduate in May of 2022! She loves working within the school system, more specifically elementary school. She finds elementary-aged children innocent and believes she can make the most impact with this age group. Tasha is also passionate about working with low-income families and families who have more untraditional family units.  Tasha identifies as an African American woman. She was raised in a Christian household and went to church regularly. Her spiritual beliefs surrounding grief and death lead to a common phrase Tasha often heard growing up. “We live to die, but we hope you die in Christ.” Tasha believes that the afterlife will lead her to be reunited with loved ones in heaven; funerals are a way to respect the families, and it was expected of her to attend funerals as a child. Funerals are seen as a celebration of life. When someone she knows, specifically within her church community, is grieving, the community comes together to take that family on. They check on them and help out in any way they can. Similarly, Tasha prioritizes celebrating her friends and family by ensuring everyone receives a card, candy, and a balloon on their birthday!   Tasha and her fiancé are both COVID-19 survivors. The summer of 2020 was a trying time for Tasha; her then-boyfriend (now fiancé) was hospitalized for two weeks. During this time, doctors questioned his ability to make a full recovery which was scary and a huge reality check for the couple. At only 36 years old, the thought of his life coming to an end or being changed forever by this sickness was very hard to process. So Tasha decided to speak publicly about her experience. Shortly after, she was flooded with private messages on her social media account by individuals thanking her for being vulnerable. They spoke of their desire but hesitation to be as bold and brave as Tasha has been during this time. Thankfully her fiancé was able to make a full recovery and is doing well. To look at the bright side of the year, working for the school system has allowed her to stay employed during this time which she is very thankful for. In hindsight, the year 2020 allowed for getting much-needed home projects done around the house and excellent quality time with family.
I had such a great time meeting and chatting with Tasha! I look forward to working with her and everyone else this semester!


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