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20Jan 2022 by

Research Article Exploration Assignment Instructions
The purpose of this Research Article Exploration Assignment is to increase your knowledge of development during infancy and to help you learn to use scholarly research effectively. You will: 1) locate and download one scholarly article from the list provided at the end of this document; 2) explore the content, identifying pertinent information; and 3) write a clear and concise description of and reflection of your experience. In addition, you will also gain experience in using a new software program (Adobe Reader).
1.     Select 1 article from the list provided below (page 2 of this document).
2.     Download a PDF copy of the article from the Jerry Falwell Library (also available through the Resources section).
If you do not have the free Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer, please download it. If you need assistance with the download or installation, contact the IT HelpDesk at 866-447-2869.
3.     Read the article, identifying the following information by highlighting the text and labeling it with a comment bubble (see the sample article provided in the Resources section). Please identify only one item for each of the following:
a.        Journal information (name, date, volume/issue, page range).
b.       Title
c.        Author name and credentials.
d.       Purpose statement.
e.        Hypothesis.
f.        Significant term.
g.       Conclusion: what significant information was gained from this research?
h.       Limitation(s).
i.         Strength(s).
j.         References
4.     Write a brief reaction essay.
In 250–400 words:
a)  Briefly summarize the main points of your article (what did you learn about development during infancy?). Be sure to cite any information you include, and provide a reference entry at the end of your essay. 
b)  Describe what you learned about how the scientific study of human development is conducted.
c)  Identify the skills or abilities involved in this assignment that will help you in further uses of scholarly resources.
d) Include an APA-formatted title page and reference page.
5.     Submit two separate documents for this assignment:
a.     Upload the PDF of your chosen article with comments and highlighting as noted above. If you have never done this before, please see the tutorial video in the Resources section. 
b.     Upload your reaction essay by attaching a separate MS Word document.
How to access an article:
1.     Copy the article title from one of the articles below.
2.     Go to the Jerry Falwell Online Library ( and paste the title in the “Search Anything” box located on the landing page. 
3.     Select your article (look on the right side of your screen).
4.     When you have opened your article, look for a button or link that allows you to download a PDF.
5.     If you have any difficulty with this please contact your instructor or call one of our librarians at 434-582-2221 or see other options for help at
Note: articles also available in Resources section. 
Please choose one of the following articles:
Cheung, C. H. M., Bedford, R., Saez De Urabain, Irati R, Karmiloff-Smith, A., & Smith, T. J. (2017). Daily touchscreen use in infants and toddlers is associated with reduced sleep and delayed sleep onset. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 46104-46104.


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