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Research Methods & Data Collection – unicorp essays


For the capstone project, we are “conducting research.”  I will attach the capstone project that I have so far, and this assignment is a continuation of that paper. If you are unfamiliar with what this is asking, I can provide a sample paper for you to read, to get a feel for how it needs to look. The following is what is required:

What methods would you use to conduct your research if that were required of you (qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method)? What might your process measures and outcome measures look like?
How would you collect data? How might you analyze that data? This assignment should include answers to those questions and some amount of detail explaining your choices. For this section as it relates to the data you collected, I would like for you to report what you think your data might have been had you actually conducted the study (nothing would ever be falsely reported in legitimate research–this is for your learning).


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