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Research Paper – unicorp essays


20Jan 2022 by

Wellness Research Paper and BlogThe research paper may include topics focused on any disorder relating to health and wellness that may be of interest to you. This may include a specific hypo-kinetic disease, infectious disease, mental illness, or any disorder within the seven components of wellness. The completed project should be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, with an aerial 12 pt. font. A portion of the grade for this paper will be determined by progress checkpoints following the time-line outlined below.
TimelineWeek 2 Topic approvedWeek 3 Outline completedWeek 7 Research Papers due by FridayWeek 8-10 Brief presentation of research findings in our weekly Zoom meetings using your Blog project (5-7minutes)
SourcesA research paper is essentially a collection of current findings on a particular subject. The challenge presented to you, the research reporter, is to find and differentiate between quality and sub-standard research studies in an attempt to gain insights into actual truths. In some ways this is the most important aspect of this Wellness class as you are encouraged to develop skills needed to separate quality information from marketing hype. The paper will be graded on your ability to support statements with quality research. In other words, you must convince your instructor and peers that the information you have uncovered is reliable and based on the best information available today.
Include six sources:a) one source from a bookb) two sources from reliable internet sitec) three sources from a journal, periodical or media source
The six sources should be listed in the bibliography in MLA format. EBSCO host and ProQuest Direct are two outstanding on-line resources for finding information pertaining to your research project. You can assume that the information found in these peer reviewed sites is reliable as long as the studies are current. An introduction to using these computer resources will be provided during the second week of the term.
Research paper formatTitle Page: Include title, name course title, section, time and dateTable of Contents: List contents and number each pageIntroduction: A brief description of the paper’s contents.Body of Paper: 3-5 pages of supported informationConclusions: This is you only opportunity to express personal opinionBibliography: Minimum of six sources MLA or APA format
Research BlogA summary of your research paper will be submitted in the form of a one-page blog which includes pictures, graphs, statistics and sources to summarize your findings for other students in your class. Your blog will be presented to the rest of the class during our final three Zoom meetings at the end of the term.
All research papers and Blogs are due  by midnight Saturday, February 20. The blogs will be available to the entire class when students present their research findings and should include a brief summary of your findings with pictures, graphs and sources to help the readers understand the basic concepts of your research. The Blog presentation should be less than 4 minutes and prepare to share your Blog visual with the class during one of the final 3 Zoom meetings of the term.  Upload your Research Report here and upload your blog on the next assignment link. 
Upload your Blog page here and I will make it available for presentation to the entire class November 23, 30 or December 7  when you are scheduled to present. Students will present in alphabetical order but everyone should be ready with your 4-minute presentation on November 23.  Four minutes isn’t much time so be sure to organize your ideas before class. There really are only three questions you want to answer when presenting your Blog.
     Begin by introducing yourselves and your topic.  Then answer the following three questions.
1) State your research question and explain why this topic is important to your audience? (why should they care about this disorder? )
2) What are the major concepts you want to provide to your audience? (Highlight 2-3 main points)
3) Is the information you provide reliable? (show your sources and even discuss the studies to show reliability)
You are the Professor today. This is just an informal way for you to provide some good information about your topic directly to the entire class using the Blog format. Have fun with this! 

You can choose the topic but I will need weekly updates and the 6th page will be the blog I need you to have decided the topic by next Tuesday.


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