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Research Proposal ( Positive Psych)


In terms of the project idea, yes, that is a very rich topic of the effects of “nurture” on the development of children, positive vs. negative. But it is a huge topic. You’ll need to narrow it down more – in terms of what type of development, what type of environmental effects, etc. What would your particular thesis statement be? Also, you want to connect it to some things you are learning about positive psychology this term (this will separate it from a similar paper that might be written for a human development or child development course and make it appropriate for our positive psychology course). For instance, you could focus on positive parenting or teachers’ expectations – with the self-fulfilling prophecy or the growth versus fixed mindset, etc. You could read a book on one of these topics and write a paper about what you learned in the book and connecting it back to what you’ve been learning in our book or you could write a term paper in which you summarize information from various journal articles about research on the topic and connect back to what you’ve been learning in our book. Or you might have a different idea – e.g., you might find a relevant movie that you could summarize and analyze by integrating specifics about positive psychology from our book. I look forward to hearing more as you narrow down your topic, okay?


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