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REVIEW FILE ATTACHED1. Live Performance OpportunitiesResearch live performance opportunities that you think would be


1. Live Performance Opportunities Research live performance opportunities that you think would be desirable for an artist (or you) to perform. Write a profile of the one that interests you the most. Your profile should include the following: a description of the performance opportunity
whether there is a preference for a certain style of music
the maximum capacity
typical audience makeup
how the artist will be compensated
what the artist needs to do (or has already done) to book the live performance
2. Compare Music Services You are a songwriting performer who is looking for online/digital tools for building buzz, getting your music and merchandise to your fans, and maintaining an ongoing conversation. Applying what you’ve learned so far this week, pick the sites that you believe would work well together to achieve your goals and explain how you will use them (e.g., post to each individually, use an SMMT, or use a direct-to-fan marketing service).
3. Music Unions Investigation
Music Union Membership If you think that music unions could be helpful to you in your career, investigate the music union that you think would be most beneficial. Post their contact information, benefits provided, and the ways that you feel affiliation could help you. —OR— Music Unions in the News Find an article about an action a music union took in support of their membership or about collections of musicians that have recently made the decision to unionize. Post a link to your resource and a summary of the facts and outcome.


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